Volkswagen e-Golf – An Electric Vehicle to Make Your Ride Greener

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With a plan to launch a dedicated electric vehicle platform, Volkswagen enters the market with the e-Golf, packed with all the safety and performance features the brand is acknowledged for.

The zero-emission vehicle mandate regulated in most of the states has made it a tough choice for most of the brand manufacturers, and in order to handle the situation, they chose to stuff in the electric motors and batteries forcibly into their existing models without bringing any major change in them as such. Volkswagen turned out to be the most daring of all and tried to make something new even though they knew this segment would not be as profitable as the luxurious ones. They have a complete refreshed e-Golf launched earlier in the market, and more than 4,000 copies have been sold in the US market already.

The first of the line, which was manufactured a couple of years back could manage only 83 miles in one charging. As far as the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf is concerned, the brand has played the trick in increasing the mileage to 125 miles out of the lithium-ion battery. But what has actually engaged most of the car enthusiasts is in finding out the mystery of how Volkswagen service could manage to keep the weight and number of cells same even after increasing the rating from 24.2 kWh to 35.8 Magic. If one goes deep beneath the sheets, they will find the use of horsepower screw that is being used popularly in several Audi and Volkswagen models to make identical engines give different output ratings.

However, Volkswagen has accepted that the improvement in the performance has been made possible only due to optimization of the battery. The new model, that has been launched in the market will indeed come with a new battery pack along with a revised cell chemistry. Even the horsepower has increased from 115 to 134, while there has been a substantial increase in the torque as well from 199 lb-ft to 214 lb-ft. Similar to rest of their models, even the e-Golf comes in three separate trims- the SE, the loaded SEL Premium and even the Limited-Edition models that split up the difference in performance. However, there are some similarities in all these three versions which makes the Volkswagen repair Greensboro NC somewhat easier. The 7.2 kW on-board charger is what comes standard in all the three versions, which means a simple charger of 2240 Volt is capable of charging the vehicle in just six hours.

The question that has often arrived, is why would someone prefer going for the e-Golf at all? The answer is even simpler than the question. All the reasons for which you would have accepted the Golf works for the e-Golf as well. A rock-solid platform, highly dynamic performance, and a superbly luxurious interior packaging- everything that the Golf delivered comes handy in the e-Golf. It’s the same old car that you’ve been driving along for the past few years, just a bit more environment-friendly. Get ready for a much safer, better and greener ride and accept the change.


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