Vikings Season 5 Updates

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History channel has given us several interesting historical dramas, among which Vikings had managed to win the heart of the viewers all around the world. This drama has the perfect package of intense thrill, action and the constant fight for power. We got introduced to one of the most iconic character of the show who won over our hearts with his hard work and dedication to gain a powerful position and gives us an insight of his journey from the rags to riches. After the success of the last four seasons, the audiences are craving for the release of the next in the series Vikings Season 5.

Apparently, rumors are a big part of a series that is considered to be one of the most watched drama series in the nation, and giving out updates of the show is something that all the diehard fans of the show expects to be enlightened with. In this article, we provide the recent news and updates of the release of the Vikings Season 5. So give it a read.

The fifth season of the popular historical drama TV series Vikings is going to feature in of all probability the death of the protagonist Ragnar and the rise of Ivar in the world of power and position. As we all know that Ragnar faced the lowest point of his life after being betrayed by his brother, Rollo played by Clive Standen who defeated him in Paris. The second part of “Vikings” Season 4 showed us the return of Ragnar to Kattegat along with the apparent unhappiness of his family and men of this return. However, Bjorn and Ivar were seen to be supportive of him. Coming to the updates of the show, according to a popular daily we get to know that Ragnar Lothbrok will attempt suicide by pursuing the villagers to kill him. He will be testing his fate but gods will not allow him to die that way.

Vikings Season 5

News about his death in the fifth season is also something that is coming to us along with the fact that Vikings Season 5 will shift focus to another character, most probably Ivar, who is next to the throne. Now the question lies to the fact as to why did chose his crippled son to join him in England? Apparently, Ivar struggled to be respected by his brothers due to his physical disabilities but it seems as though Ragner has planned to use his weakness as his strength. Thus, we get the feel that the new season is going to give us the dose of the dramatic action along with the twists and turns that we want from the show. We also hear that “Vikings” Season 5 could be the last run of the TV franchise. Even though the news has not been be confirmed by the network, several rumors online suggest that fans and critics have predicted the upcoming season to be the last of the series.

Vikings Season 5 is said to be premiered in the month February 2017, and with this we feel that this season is going to bring out a perfect dose of power play, thrill and intense drama.

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