Tumblr’s Popularity Among Children: Parents Should Examine

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It’s very often that you have seen Tumblr somewhere on the web and you start thinking about it. Its acclaim among kids makes you think to create some privacy on your child’s device. Teens are very sticking to Tumblr to post their pictures, video, and audio post on it.  It is currently a streamlined micro-blogging and social networking platform which attracts young users to make the portfolio of their photos, videos, and quotes as well to portray their character. Young kids have their view regarding, it is the far best platform to display their creativity and interests, adult content is not available readily, but it is there if your child wants to traverse it.

Young children consider their priority to use social app and kids behave like they are in competition with other fellow kids. Dependency on digital media is very dangerous, seamlessly may cause psychotic and physical problems for children. Once a child addicted to social media, then the consequences will be for both kids and parents.

How can parents implement some privacy on Tumblr to protect children from its evils?

Don’t let less 13 kids use Tumblr:

Its parent duty to make understood their children that under 12 are strictly not allow using the platform like Tumblr. Make some rules being parents, don’t let them use Tumblr until they get older and become legible for it. Parents have to keep an eye on them if anyone has secretly made an account of any social app.

Parents can protect their kids by cyber parenting:

Parents can raise their child by teaching them norms and values; they can teach their children what smartphone is, how to use it, they can teach their kid regarding social media, what ethics should they follow while using social platforms. When parents teach their child since their childhood regarding social media, the internet and about social app stuff, ultimately their kid follows their parent commandments.

Guide your kids how to protect themselves from cyber bullying:

Educate your children if anyone has done cyber bullying with them then how to stop that person with the help of social app’s security system. Tell them Tumblr make it possible to prevent harassment or anything else by reporting or blocking that predator on their social app’s blog.

Warn them to stay away from adult content:

Kids can easily do the search on Tumblr, regarding adult content, warn them strictly don’t go for adult content and tell them if someone found doing the search related to sexual content, there will be some serious results. Teach them carnal content is not good for their health.

If parents found difficult to monitor their kids due to their hectic schedule, then they should get spy software to keep an eye on their unusual Tumblr activity 24/7. It will help them to monitor their kid’s each and every single move they made.

Teach your child to be honest while making an account on Tumblr:

When you teach your children’s honesty and being truthful then ultimately they will not do anything against the norms and values. When they will be able to make an account on the social app, your teachings force them to enter real age while Tumblr registration. They will make create blogs and express themselves as truthful human beings.

Don’t put your computer in a separate room:

If you have put your computer separately in your kid’s room then move it and adjust it in a hall where you can monitor your child activities. Your kids will definitely don’t make the appropriative move because he knows that you will catch him read handily.

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