How to Take Proper Care of your Spinning Reels

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The care you give your spinning reel may be the difference between success and failure in fishing. It is no secret that proper working equipment is key to efficiency. For your reel to catch the elusive trout, it will need to be at its best. You ensure it is at its best by giving it some proper and regular TLC. Fishing is not such a clean sport, and the spinning reel gathers dust, moisture, dirt, and everything that can manage to get in between. If you fail to lube this fishing tool, the resistance within the moving parts will result. The friction created a lead to an uncomfortable gritty noise that can affect your concentration and overall catch.

Tips on taking care of your spinning reels

Dismantling your spinning reels

Before you do anything, examine the spool assembly keenly for damage. Defective spool lip is a source of your line’s premature wear. If everything is all good, you can move on to oiling. If not, consider replacement of the part. Before you can disassemble the spool, it is important you protect your fishing line. If by any chance gets trapped between the frame and spool, then you will be in for it. Removing it will be difficult.

You will need an egg carton to keep your parts as you dismantle your spinning reel. You are aware how frustrating it can be to search for a small object in your backyard.


The majority of anglers maintain their spinning reel during the winter offseason. However, maintenance should be after you notice some impairing when fishing. Spinning reels go through a lot when fishing. They experience shock, bear the weather and sometimes gets into the water that washes away grease and oil.

The type of oil you use on reels matters significantly. If it is too thick, the speed will be low. If it is too light, your reel will end up getting damaged. Source, the recommended oil and you, will not become a bystander with your spinning reel when the rest of the gang is raking in some serious trout. And remember, one drop is enough. Too much oil will get to other parts of the spinning reel and damage it. Grease should only go at the bottom of the spinning reel and not at the top.

The appropriate oils that form a molecular bond with the metals are more expensive than the typical types. However, they are worth every penny.

Start the cleaning with the spool shaft and adding a few drops of the appropriate oil. Put a few drops on the intersection between the reel spool housing and the bail spring. Take the main gear and throw it into the degreaser and use a toothbrush to clean it. Let the parts dry before you oil them. See Details.

To clean the bearings, use light fuel such as the rocket fuel. The oil will significantly help in removing dirt and other substances.


The spinning reel and salt water are sworn, enemies. However, that does not mean you should not fish in salty water. Use soapy water to wash the reel and rinse it thoroughly. Regardless, make sure that no salt water or sand enters the reel or gear. Don’t forget to clean the drags typically situated at the heart of the spool.

Final Word

Giving proper care to your spinning reel is as it gets. All you need to do is know how to dismantle the tool and proceed to clean and oil it. Use the right oil to clean parts. Not every oil is appropriate. Finally, mind where you place the spinning reel and avoid putting it on sand or dropping it in water.

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