How Singapore is Taking a Whole New Level as a “Smart City”

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Ever since their independence from Malaysia, Singapore has been taking steps into not only surviving but thriving as a nation. From their culture all the way to their HDB rooms for sale or rent has been showing signs of excellence as a nation and a city.

Now, they are making efforts into taking another big step and this big step is one that puts them in a great position for the future. These efforts are for Singapore to implement certain systems that will ultimately help them garner the title of “Smart City.”

Internet Speeds

Internet speed is obviously one of the key factors that need to be developed in order to make proper steps into being a smart city, Technology runs on data and having a more than good connection is important so that systems will run effectively. Thankfully there Singapore already has a fiber network in place that ensures this, mobile data is also one of the fastest speeds in the world.

App Integration

Mobile integration is another important factor in the journey to being a smart city. The best way to integrate smartphones into different services in the city is through applications. There are applications that have been developed and being continually improved to ease the life and maximize the time of the citizens.

These apps include ones that will tell you the exact timing of different public transport systems such as the buses and MRTs. This is made so that you could schedule your days better. Some apps are also offered by government bodies so that you could deal transactions straight from your phone.

Convenient Health Solutions

One of the major issues that Singaporeans face is that they have an aging population. This means that the younger generations are spending a lot of time worrying and caring for their family members. Singapore is trying to ease their mind by installing sensors in their homes to notify those caring for the elderly of their status. There will also be wearable devices to track the health of the elderly and panic buttons in case of the worst.

Tele-Health is also another concept that will help ease the lives of Singaporeans. This is a system that will help those in need of medical consultations to not even leave the comfort of their home. They can receive the treatment they need straight from their home through sensors and videos.

Smart Homes

Government housing in Singapore will take another step forward to sustainable living. There are plans to install sensors in each household to measure the amount of energy being consumed, water usage as well as the waste that is being generated. This is meant as guide to the households to change their behavior accordingly. These sensors can also be used to automate different technologies in the household such as the air conditioning unit, lights and other appliances. All in the efforts to live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

Innovations such as this cannot be done alone, it is the cooperation of government and private subsidiaries that come up with these efforts. All these projects and plans are meant to help launch Singapore forward as a model for other cities to follow. Innovation is meant to better the quality of life of the people experiencing it  and that innovation is here and being embraced by the Singapore nation.

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