Reason to Use Cisco Video Conference

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If you have noticed in big firms and even the small scale companies, the use of Cisco video conferencing is done frequently especially when the clients uses this as the mode of communication irrespective of different location. Such type of conferencing offers a wide range of other features which make it convenient for you to use. The prime aim of such type of conferencing is to offer seamless video options for conference and even the tele-presence solution. With such service, you can easily connect to an enterprise that can be used on mobile and even the desktop services for better video conferencing.

Know more about Cisco Conferencing Services:

Cisco is a leading brand which has been acquired by Tandberg. This is one of the global leaders in the video communication which over the past few years has been providing the services of the complete video focused solution offering. It has been grouped under four categories such as:

Tele-Presence Conferencing:

This type of Cisco video conferencing products is popular because it offers face to face yet virtual collaboration. For this use of video conferencing and tele-presence is done in an accurate manner. The products like Endpoints and management suite are used.

Unified Communications:

This is another popular mode of communication which offers the complete suite of endpoints and solutions. There are some of the best products under this category which includes Cisco Unified Gateways and Soft clients to name a few.

Customer collaboration:

With such type of solution, you can create the content which offers the customer a user centric experience and ensure that self service is done without any kind of hassle. It includes products such as Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Know some Key Features & Specifications

  • If you are using Cisco Video conferencing for the first time, then here are some of the key features and specifications that you need to know such as:
  • It allows at least 100 participants to do video conferencing
  • It is extremely easy to use and offers consistent user experience irrespective of the platforms you use
  • There are also the facilities of using conferencing through audio completely with the global access numbers
  • The person can share the content and even screen without any need of paying extra money
  • There is no restriction on using the device. A user has got rights to use the video conferencing through any kind of device
  • There are some dynamic visual layouts which can be used for better control from the end points and desktop.
  • It also includes the real time reporting such as bandwidth and call quality that makes conferencing a lot more smooth.

The best part about using such type of products is it offers the most convenient way to conference with your colleagues and employees. Such type of conferencing system is well accomplished across the world which includes the network technology and even the deployment models. There are seamless connectivity outside the enterprise which works as the bridge between different communications sources through single technology.

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