Pro Wrestling is Not Tranquil: 5 Traumatic Injuries in WWE History

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We can find lots of wrestling fan arguing whether WWE fights are fake or real. When you Google it, you’ll see mixed reaction throughout the Sports magazines, forums and on YouTube videos. To me, Pro Wrestling does not seem fake, but yes, it is not an old wives’ tale that the storylines are scripted. Often times results of the clashes are pre-decided and professional wrestlers are instructed to not attack shrewdly their opponents.

WWE universe witnessed several career ending and brutal injuries since the WWE (formerly WWF) started. Its entertainment and superstars do their job with controlling the violence for protecting their fellow competitor but entertain us. But the real-time stories get turned into appalling conditions and real damage occurs. When the show gets on-air, it says, “injuries can happen at any time.” I can recall John Lawlor words, “Accidents happen. They happen a lot”.

This is not me but the wrestlers (who got injured badly, have had their arms broken, muscles were torn and careers ended forever) know how excruciating it was. Here, I am going to list out such five injuries in the WWE that were painful and dangerous for those involved.

Brock Lesnar at His WrestleMania Debut (2003)

Shooting Star Press

Brock Lesnar made the great buzz at WWE roaster by defeating  The Rock at 2002’s SummerSlam edition and won the 30-man battle at Royal Rumble to head the Wrestlemania 19. It was over-the-top storyline between the Beast and Kurt Angle for the WWE championship title on-the-line. The counter was epic but Brock, towards the end of the match, climed to the top rope and went for ‘shooting star press’ against Angle. After flying through the air, Lesnar nearly landed on his head resulting in jarring concussion.  Though he won the match but he was stunned afterwards.

Later-on, Lesnar revealed that John Laurinaitis asked him to do the move “Shooting Star Press” but Kurt admitted that this was his idea to end the show and let people remember it for years.

The Shooting Star Press Again, Hell No!! (2004)


This time, the victim was Chavo Guerrero. In 2004, during a match between Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero, Kidman mangled the shooting star press; he did fall right on opponent’s head and caused a concussion. Chavo was left with an almighty concussion and was taken out of the SmackDown arena on a stretcher. After this match, Chavo had to wait for several months for getting clean-chit by WWE officials to enter back into the ring.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart One-on-One with Goldberg at Starrcade (1999)


Starrcade in 1999 was the 17th annual Starrcade PPV event and the main event was scheduled between Bret Hart and Bill Goldberg for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship title. It was an accident when a botched kick by William Scott caused a concussion and Bret faced a deadly post-concussion syndrome. This fight ended the career of the legend.

During the QA session at Marlins Park, Miami on August 13, Goldberg said, “Till the day I die am going to feel bad about it.” And as he said, he can’t do anything to take it back.

Darren Drozdov Got Paralysed (1999)


In 1999, on a SmackDown match with D’ Lo Brown, left Darren paralysed in his upper body and ended his wrestling career. The power bomb delivered to Darren went awfully wrong and he saw serious consequence throughout his later life.

He is reportedly quadriplegic but fortunately regained most of the use of his arms and upper body.

Mr. WrestleMania at Royal Rumble (1998)

Casket match

Shawn Michaels and Undertaker were remarkable at the two consecutive Wrestle Manias 25 and 26. Back in 98, both had a face-off at Royal Rumble casket match that nearly ended Shawn’s career. He was tossed from the ring during the match and hit his back on the casket. Contest didn’t pause but Michaels reportedly had one crushed disc and two herniated discs during the battle.

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