How to Prepare for Cancer Treatment?

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One can never be fully prepared for a diagnosis of cancer. But with regard to treatment, you can follow certain steps to be ready for what lies ahead. The smallest of steps, experts say, can enhance your sense of control and well-being as you proceed on the road to recovery.

Here are some guidelines to get prepared for cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation:

Formulate A Plan:

The first and best advice for you is to be on the same page as your medical team on all aspects of your treatment. This includes aspects like what to expect during treatment, how long it will take, what are the potential side effects and what is the long-term goal as regards your treatment.

For this, it is good to take notes and to bring along a friend or relative for the doctor’s appointment. Another good plan is to take a second opinion. In case you feel uncertain about a certain line of treatment, a second opinion can be valuable to help convince you.

There is no need to feel guilty. You will not offend anyone by taking a second opinion and search for the best hospital for cancer treatment in India.

Plan Details:

Whatever be your mode of treatment, you will not feel very well during the recovery period. Hence consider what you may require and plan all the details.  Most frustration after chemo or radiation stems from not pain but practical considerations like who will help with chores, who will take care of children and pets, how will you travel to and from hospital etc.

Make Use of Network

You can depend on your social network friends and family to help you with recovery.

  • Help them understand what you require and what you don’t.
  • Ask specific persons to take care of kids/ pets and chores like laundry and grocery shopping.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask: most of the time your loved ones are waiting eagerly to chip in.

Prepare Your Home

After you reach home after treatment, you may desire to take rest and recover in some area like a bedroom, living room or study. Consider following issues:

  • Is water easily available to you?
  • Are the outlets for phone chargers and a computer nearby?
  • Which drawers must be used to store medication?
  • Do you require a new mattress or blanket?
  • Is there a positive ambiance? Decorate your home beforehand so it is warm, welcoming and attractive for you to spend your recovery period.

Go in for Healthy Habits

Evaluate the state of your mental and physical health. Prior to seeking treatment, make sure you follow a regimen of regular exercise and consume a balanced diet. Enhance your mental state by doing meditation, yoga and consulting a therapist. Your frame of mind during and after surgery depends on the mental preparations you made beforehand.

Try to adhere to such good habits even post treatment. Regular exercise and good food can help maintain and improve the quality of your life, whatever be the stage of cancer and its treatment.

These are some ways in which you can prepare for cancer treatment. You must do your best to gain admission in the best hospitals in India for cancer treatment. This enhances your chances of successful treatment.

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