OnePlus 4 to be Backed by Next-gen Snapdragon 830

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There are obvious reasons as to why OnePlus 4 is often counted among the most awaited smartphone this year. The makers have consistently offered phones with great specification at affordable price. To recall, OnePlus 3 sports a massive 6GB of RAM, with high-end specs, affordable price and premium build. Although the phone is yet to release, the rumour mill full of speculations regarding the device. As per reports from Fabnewz, OnePlus 4 would be powered by the powerful Snapdragon 830, alongside several other jaw-dropping features.

Founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei has said in an interview that for now the company is concentrating on building great smartphones and nothing else. “The smartphone market is very crowded, so we have to create a product that cuts through the clutter. The only way for us to do that is to focus on it and obsess about its details. That doesn’t leave much room another phone,” he said.

Speaking of the specifications, OnePlus 4 is expected to with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage and powered by the next-gen Snapdragon 830 processor that is not just going to be faster but more efficient than its predecessors. As far as the camera is concerned, OnePlus 4 could come with 21/23 megapixels camera. While some suggest the phone could go as far as to include a dual-camera too. Other exciting features that the phone could sport are ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that’ll come embedded into the display and exterminate the need for external sensor.

oneplus 4

Oneplus 4 Stand Concept

As of the concept design of the phone, the phone is going to look somewhat like OnePlus 3T which looks tremendous and was highly praised by critics and fans alike. Most likely OnePlus 4 will sport a revolutionary design. It’ll come with an impressive antenna design which is quiet an upgrade from the last flagship. The device is all expected to sport Waterproof Ceramic Metal Unibody making the handset much more durable than most other smartphone in the market. The rear camera is to come with a dual-tine LED flash.

Fans of OnePlus are eagerly waiting for the release of OnePlus 4. The first generation OnePlus was launched in April 2014 and the second generation in July 2015 while OnePlus 3 was launched in June 2016. Judging by the patter of release date that the company follows, the OnePlus 4 is likely to release in mid-2017. When the fourth-gen OnePlus launches, a number of other smartphone like LG G6, HTC 11, Samsung Galaxy S8 too supposed to launch. Therefore, when the OnePlus 4 rolls out, it’ll have to face tough competition.

As for how much the handset might cost, we can figure that out by looking at how much the predecessors cost. When OnePlus was launched, the 64 GB variant costs $349, the 64 GB variant of OnePlus 2 was launched at $389 and the OnePlus 3 was launched at $399. Based on these, the price tag of OnePlus 4 could be around Rs 32,000, £300, US$400, AU$450. If you look at the performance of the previous OnePlus phones, OnePlus 4 is unlikely to be a disappointment.

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