The new headlight features of the 2017 Ford GT

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The 2017 Ford GT is a supercar, and if there is one thing that makes a supercars stand out from the rest (apart from the speed, grace and serious engineering specs), it is the attention to detail. The 2017 Ford GT is not an exception; indeed, it might turn into the trendsetter that it usually is. The slit-like front lamps are not mere eye candy and are more of a means to an end, which is illumination and better driving experience: they are intelligent headlamps and tail-lamps, which look and feel like they belong more to the F-14 Tomcat than it does to a car, even if it is a supercar. It is no stretch to claim that high-intensity discharge or halogen lamps are relics now.

These new LED lamps, which almost all automakers use, including Ford, are brighter, smaller, easier to fit in the chassis and are themselves made of light-weight carbon fiber. The aerodynamic advantages apart, these high-power LEDs also produce less heat and gobble less energy, thereby increasing the vehicle fuel efficiency.

Ford has also made additional breakthroughs: they have linked human psychology and the effects that colour, brightness, gradient and saturation of exterior and interior lighting has on mood. The result is the Crystal Diamond Light. This new technology was first seen in the Ford F-150.

Arun Kumar, Ford optics expert and design engineer stated that since the driver and the passenger’s eyes tend to focus more on gradients and saturation of oncoming lights, poor lighting quality definitely affects people’s moods.  This new technology will provide clear light, based on tests on light perception by men and women alike, with a cooler temperature to stabilize the rider’s psyche. Imagine being trapped in a massive traffic snarl during rush hour behind scores of other vehicle. It does nothing to aid you mood, does it? Well, this new breakthrough will save fuel, time and other costs incurred. Besides, the LED lamps are 62% more energy efficient and provide more radiant luminance. People with colour blindness too will have better lighting inside the car, although we are yet to see one in action. Ford’s R&D department has been working overtime to ensure that these new features are incorporated in the new vehicle, even as we get reports that the production of the supercars have started and is in full swing.

The tail-lamps have been tweaked too. Ford has taken a cue from the drag racing vehicles.  The 2017 Ford GT will have hot air exit channels hollowed out inside them, besides leaving through the intercoolers in the fenders. This neat new trick will allow the V8-equipped monster to breathe, like a dragon in stasis. The front headlamps may have ram-air intake abilities, like a lung, but that is hardly confirmable at this time. Instead, we will see the installation of two large air outlets in the middle of the GT’s rear-lamps will let for a symmetrical and aerodynamic four-exit-hole design across the supercar’s rear end.

Experts have welcomed the move and said that this might make the 2017 Ford GT the greatest supercar of all time.

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