List of Common Wealth Scholarships for Indian Students

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Common wealth scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship which is given to the best of the best students from the countries of Common Wealth. This scholarship has been divided into two that is a scholarship for the developing countries and the scholarship for the developed common wealth countries. India also comes under the common wealth developing countries.

The scholarship for common wealth and fellowship plan is one of the largest and most important scholarship schemes for international or global study around the world. It was established in the year 1959, around 30,000 students have enjoyed the benefits of the scholarship from which 24000 have been awards which are funded by UK and managed by the commonwealth commission in UK. The scholarships which are given below are fully funded scholarships and is open to all the developing common wealth countries, and thus, there is a huge level of competition for availing these scholarships.

List of Scholarships

  • Scholarship for Master’s and PHD is awarded for pursuing Master’s and PHD of 1 year and 3 years respectively.
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarship which is provided for pursuing masters of 1 year
  • Common wealth Professional Scholarship is awarded to Mid-Career Professionals with an experience of 5 years for 3 months
  • Common wealth medical fellowship is awarded to candidates of medical and dental for 4 months
  • Common wealth Split-site scholarships are awarded for pursuing PHD for 1 year in the UK.

Common wealth Scholarship for Master’s PHD

The scholarship is given to the citizens of developing common wealth countries for continuing one year Masters or 3 years PHD courses in the UK universities. The Scholarship will last for 36 months in the case of doctoral post-graduation qualification and it will last for 12 months in the case of post graduate qualification. A common wealth scholarship will cover fees, fares and personal maintenance charges.

Common wealth Professional Fellowship

This is a scholarship which is provided for mid-career professionals who have a minimum experience of 5 years to spend time at a UK organization working in their field for a program of professional development. This scholarship would last for 3 months and is not a research or academic program but a professional program.

Common wealth Medical Fellowship

This scholarship is provided to medical and dental students for providing them financial assistance in continuing their studies in their respective fields. Commonwealth Scholarship is provided for a period of 4 months.

Common wealth Distance Learning Scholarship

Commonwealth Scholarship was established in 2002 and also it provides the opportunity for the citizens to study for a UK Master’s degree while living and working in their home country respectively. Around 2000 scholarships have been distributed till date under this scholarship head.

Who are nominating agencies for the scholarships?

The Ministry of education, University Grants Commission, a common wealth university, an UK university and a department of a UK university all are common nominating agencies for the commonwealth scholarship

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