Know How to Keep Your Outsourced PPC Agency in Check

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Understanding digital marketing terminologies is not as easy as it seems to be, that is why many business owners and organisations hire professional PPC agencies, which perform comprehensive PPC services for them. A PPC agency is concentrated only on one aspect that is the provision of quality PPC services to the client. However, due to the lack of expert knowledge in the field of online marketing, many organisations feel obscured when trying to find out what their PPC agency is doing and if it is really helping them in any manner.

No, this does not mean that your PPC or SEM agency, is duping you of money or is not performing the job to the best of its services, it is nothing like that. It makes absolute sense to outsource to SEM agency as these firms have the knowledge and expertise to help you get a terrific return on investment. Moreover, they know exactly how to pitch high-paying keywords and then prudently bid on them. This ensures that your budget does not exceed and you receive outcomes that you have been longing for.

In fact, there are a number of expert PPC and SEM agencies, which perform their work with utmost dedication and devotion along with unique and innovative approaches to PPC execution.

Now, the catch is, if you are keen to find out what exactly your PPC agency is doing for you, or how is it managing your PPC account, you ought to leave the backseat and hop on to the passenger seat in front. We agree that you have hired a professional agency and you trust its proficiency, but, that agency is working for your organization, your business and when it comes to your business, you are the only expert. Therefore, be advised that whatever the result your PPC agency delivers, you are accountable for it. Thus, it is your responsibility to run a periodic audit of the services provided by that agency.

PPC Audit

If you have outsourced AdWords to a white label PPC service agency, you must have conveyed your goals clearly and precisely to it, if yes, you must check in regularly to see what is being done regarding your marketing model and insights.

Here are some tips to help you keep your outsourced SEM agency in check –

Analyse the amendments made to your account
Analysing your PPC account will provide you with a succinct insight about what exactly the experts are trying to do with your account, or what are the steps they have previously taken to enhance your online visibility. If you are unaware of how to check for any changes made to your account, we will help you regarding this. On the landing page, just click on “view change history”, and you will be prompted with a report, containing the history of changes made till date.

On the off chance, that you came across any suspicious change that was not a part of the strategy, or was not discussed before, immediately contact the concern person from the agency and review the changes together.

Check whether your ads are showing up for the right keywords or not
It is of crucial significance that your ads show up only for the right keyword, else your campaign might doom even before the inception part. After logging in to your account, check the negative keyword list and campaign placements exclusions. Analyse thoroughly in the presence of an expert from the SEM agency and suggest some changes according to your strategy, if any. Checking for negative keywords will allow your ads to pop up only when the user shoots a search using the attached keywords.

These lists should be audited regularly, so that the performance of your campaign is optimized, facilitating extra leads generation.

ppc audit checklist

If you are still confused about how to go about it, or how to confront your agency to whom you have outsourced AdWords and PPC management, you can always approach a third party to perform the audit for you.

However, at times many business owners and advertisers do not have the password to their accounts, as they are under the impression that the outsourced SEM agency is performing operations on it and that there is no need for their intervention. By doing this, such business owners are hampering their own growth rate, as they would not be able to receive any insight about their campaign. Moreover, this can also present tremendous obstacles in front of third party auditors, as without the access to the account, performing an audit is next to impossible.

Therefore, always request your outsourced PPC agency to provide you with the password to the account. In addition, this would keep them at vigilance knowing that you have the password to the account; they would not risk any step that could expunge them out of the scenario.

Also, Check out these precautions, if you need a white label PPC service provider:

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