Know the Best Types of Power Banks

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Overall, charging is something that most of us do and I might as well say that everyone has some sort of device that they need to recharge regardless of age because that the kind of world that we live in. With that said, most of us also use a USB wall charger for our charging electronic needs and that’s because that has been the most used type of charging electronic for quite a while now but there is a better solution. And that solution is portable chargers.

Portable chargers are able to charge our devices wherever we go and that is the main reason that they’re becoming so popular. In order to charge our smartphones, we use to have to use a USB wall charger and wait for it to charge up and then we’re free to go wherever we’d like with it. Now with power banks, there is no more waiting time.

With that said, with the popularity of power banks increasing constantly, there are lots of companies that now sell them and that has resulted in quite a lot of innovation. This innovation has led there to be lots of different types of power banks on the market that are for different uses. Lets’ take a look at some of the most useful types of power banks on the market and see which one fits your needs the best.

Power banks that have their own cables

Every single type of charging electronic that you use requires a charging cable, and most of the time there’s already have a charging cable with most of our charging electronics. However, when it comes power banks, that’s not always the case because there are times that you could pick up your power bank and forget to get your cable from a USB wall charger. Then once that happens, you can’t use your power bank.

That is why there are power banks that have built-in cables and these types are able to always be useful as they will always have cable with them for you to use with the device that you use the most. It doesn’t just stop at a single built-in cable though, there are some power banks that have two built-in cables to charge two different types of devices and even ones that additionally use a USB port that you can use with any charging cable.

Another type of built-in component are ones that are able to recharge the power bank. These are things such as AC Adapters, and USB cables. Overall, you’re able to purchase a power bank that doesn’t even need a cable if it has certain built-in parts.

Power bands that are very tough

Electronics, in general, are fragile, because if you were to just drop your smartphone onto the hard ground then it would most likely break because most smartphones are not built with withstand such circumstances. The same thing is true when it comes to power banks, however, there are certain types of power banks that are stronger than just your normal ones. These are called Rugged power banks.

Rugged power banks are portable chargers that are able to withstand things that normal ones cannot. For example, they have strong structures and that makes them able to withstand things such as falling onto the hard ground because these types of power banks are shockproof. In addition to being shockproof, they’re also waterproof when they’re not in use because these types of chargers have USB port covering that go over the charging ports and makes the power bank waterproof.

With that said, different Rugged power banks have different waterproofing levels. As some are able to withstand jets of water, splashes, and the ones with the best Enclosure levels are the ones that can be submerged into water.

Power banks that are tiny

One of the most used types of power banks are ones that are very small and it makes sense as these types of portable chargers have sizes that are able to be cylindrical and also Slim. So they’re able to fit into a pocket and also these types of power banks can be held in a single hand for long durations of time.

The only problem with power banks that are very small, is that they have low powering capabilities. This is true when it comes to their power capacities because they have low power capacities in order to maintain a small size; as result, they have enough power to charge smartphones and similar devices to full power only once or twice. Another part that makes them weak is their charging speeds and lack of many USB ports, as most just use a single port.

Power banks that have powerful

The more useful type of power banks are ones that have high power capacities and the reason that these ones are a lot more useful is that they can last longer. A power capacity of 20,000mAh and higher is able to charge lots of different types of devices that are large and small to their full power multiple times over.

Another great convenience factor is that these power banks have multiple USB ports so you can charge many devices at once. Charging a tablet, smartphone, and a laptop at one time can prove to be quite helpful if you have the options. As awesome as these types of power banks are, having a high power capacity means that they use many batteries and that ultimately makes the power bank larger and heavier.

With that said, these types can still go anywhere with you, it’s just that you won’t be fitting them easily into your pocket.

Power banks that go onto cables

Charging cables are even able to have power banks implemented onto them and these types of power banks are smaller than just Mini power banks. Since these types of chargers have power capacities that are within the 450mAh range and are really only meant for emergencies. With that said, the convenience factor that these charging cable power banks have is awesome, because as long as the power bank has a power capacity, all you have to do is just plug the cable into your device and it begins charging.

Also, the charging cable can be used with any charging electronics, just as any other charging cable can be used.

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