How to Dress Up Mannequins Easily for your Retail Store

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In retail clothing markets displaying garments on mannequins is the most integral part of promoting clothing and other fashion accessories. Displaying clothes and dress forms in a unique style has proven growth in sales by up to 70%.  However this growth in sales is not just about having  mannequins collection  in a retail store. It is basically about displaying fashion accessories in a way that your customers can attract to your store because of fashion garments being displayed in a unique style on mannequins. So dressing up mannequins is an effective as well as complex approach and needs some research work before doing it. In this article i am going to discuss few things about how you can dress up mannequins in a stylish and organized way for an effective display, so here we go.

Dress Up Mannequins

Choosing Right Clothing

Before dressing mannequins in your fashion store first it is necessary to select garments to be displayed. While selecting clothing it’s very critical to choose clothes which coordinate with mannequins especially when you have multiple sets of mannequins in your display. Choosing other fashion accessories with garments can also make mannequin dressing even better. Look of your mannequin can also help you while choosing right clothing like for a unique stylish looking mannequin you can choose casual wear however for a simple looking or poseable mannequin you can display formal dressings.

Ironing & Steaming

Displaying clothing without ironing it, is really a dumb idea. It can ruin your mannequin display if you are not ironing garments while dressing your mannequin. You need to put extra attention to it and should only display steamed or ironed clothing and must maintain the fresh look of your clothing till you display it on dress form or mannequin.

Dressing up Tips
  • For smooth dressing you must dress your mannequin from bottom to top. In this way you can dress up mannequins easily. Like you can dress mannequin  trousers or pants first and then you can move to skirts or upper garments.
  • Removing mannequin parts while dressing it is also a great way to dress up mannequins. You can remove one arm or leg and can dress up the mannequin and after that you can reinstall the body part again. It can make your work quick.
Placing Mannequins

Once you are done with dressing up your mannequin, now it’s time  to display it at some proper place at your store. If you have used regular less expensive garments for your mannequins then you are free to display it anywhere in the store or even in out door. However if you have used some nice expensive dressings then keeping your mannequin can ruin clothing of it. So if you are using any expensive branded outfit then you must display your mannequin at some safe place. You can keep it in any glass shelf or any other place where they are easily visible but not in the way of your customers. Displaying mannequin at some sunny place can also fade your mannequins and clothing on it.

These are few tips which you may need to consider while dressing your mannequins at your store. By taking care of these simple things you can make your display set of your retail store more attractive and appealing. It can also help you to save your mannequins and displayed clothing from any damage.

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