How to Fix Your Leptin Issues

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Ever had problems sticking to a diet, or craving junk foods, obesity, desire for night time snacking. All this happens due to Leptin problems. Leptin is a hormone produced by fat tissues and control feelings of hunger and satiety. So more overweight you are, you must have higher leptin levels.

Leptin is a watch dog hormone for fat metabolism. It monitor amount of energy needed, maintain energy balance and regulate hunger by.

  1. counteracting effects of neuropeptide Y, a  strong feeding stimulant produced in hypothalamus and some gut cells
  2. counteracting effects of anandamide which is another feeding stimulant
  3. promoting a-MSH, an appetite suppressant

Leptin is also connected to insulin levels, obesity, high blood pressures, heart diseases and strokes and blood sugar. Leptin resistance and high leptin levels also decreases fertility and early aging.

The main news is that if you failed at dieting or health improvements in past, it was just because of failure to regulate leptin levels. Leptin problems are complex involving endocrine system and to cure them you need something more than will power and calorie restriction.

People with more fat cells produce more leptin that send signals to the brain to eat less to normalize the weight. However this is just a theory. Because people with endocrine problems and damaged metabolism have different body behavior.

The main issue is not leptin production, but leptin resistance, where leptin is unable to produce normal impact to stimulate weight loss. This causes a sense of starvation by activating multiple mechanisms that increase fats, rather burning excessive fat. Leptin resistance also stimulates reverse T3 formation that blocks effects of thyroid hormones.

Factors behind Leptin Resistance
  • Fructose consumption particularly corn syrup
  • Higher stress levels
  • Consumption of simple carbohydrates
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Higher insulin level
  • Overeating
  • Exercising too much, especially if your hormones are already damaged
  • Too much exercise, particularly when hormones are damaged already
  • Lectin and grain consumption
Reversing Leptin Resistance
  • Eat less to no refined foods, simple starches, fructose and sugar
  • Take protein and healthy fats in large amount in morning or after bed to promote satiety and give you building blocks for making hormones. Best is to have 3 eggs, leftover meat from dinner cooked in coconut oil, and vegetables.
  • Optimize your sleep, minimum 8 hours of night.
  • Go out during day, barefoot on ground, especially mid day with some part of skin exposed.
  • Avoid snacking, even a small amount. It doesn’t give your hormones a break.
  • Space your meals 4 hrs apart.
  • As mentioned in a women only diet program, Venus Factor, don’t eat or drink at least 4 hrs before sleep. If you really want to go for herbal teas, fruits infused water, coffee or tea without cream, milk or sugar.

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