Essential Lazy Student Tips: How To Write An Essay In An Hour 

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You have been postponing writing an essay for weeks, but the deadline has come, and there’s no possibility left to wait for the appropriate moment. You don’t even know where to start as writing has always been too difficult for you. But it does not mean that you won’t be able to create an A-grade essay in 60 minutes. If you follow our tips, you will definitely succeed with that. So do you ready to give a try to fast but effective essay writing? Here we go!

  • Check your topic (1 minute)

Make sure that you understand your topic and know what exactly is required from you. In most cases, the topic itself contains everything you need to include in your essay. Therefore, you must check the topic to be sure that you miss nothing important. This will help you to cover all aspects of the paper.

  • Define the purpose and thesis of your essay (4 minutes)

What stands behind your essay? Why is it important? What message do you want to convey to the audience? These are the questions you are to answer prior to writing your essay.

This will help you understand what arguments and facts to use. If you skip this step, it will be more difficult for you to understand what sources to use, what to include in your paper, and what points are more important to dwell upon than others.

  • Find sources (10 minutes)

Spend at least 10 minutes for finding resources. If you have already written some essays before, you probably know about the importance of preparation.

There are different types of essays, and each of them has some peculiarities. However, each of them requires studying a huge number of sources: books, interviews, investigations, etc. It goes without saying that 10 minutes won’t be enough even to check an article briefly. But you still need a list of sources attached to your essay. So what should you do?

Fortunately, today you can make use of the online search. For example, use your search of Cornell University Library to find articles, newspapers, and magazines quickly. You will find enough extracts to use for citation in your essay.

  • Write an outline for your essay (5 minutes)

If you have no idea how to write a good college essay, never panic. You already have some sources to use in paper, and now you just need to understand where to use this information. Here, the outline comes in handy.

Outline is kind of a plan for your paper. Here, you make clear on each aspect that you want to introduce in your essay. Outline has several benefits.

First of all, you will stick to it when writing your paper. Secondly, you will determine the most effective ideas for your essay in advance. The third point is that you will understand what aspects are not so important. Therefore, you won’t need to rewrite your paper from scratch if you notice that something is wrong with your ideas.

Note. When you write your paper, you need to remember about the structure of the essay. Any guideline states that there is a clear structure for any essay. This structure includes:

  • Introduction
  • Main body (listing at list 3 points that support your thesis)
  • Conclusion
  • Write an essay itself (25 minutes)

If you are done all the preparations, writing an essay will take you not more than 25 minutes. You already have an outline, where you developed a perfect structure for your paper, decided on the ideas to include, and the facts and arguments to use. Moreover, you have the list of sources to use, so you don’t need to return to this point.

  • Working on introductory part

The main goal of the introduction is to draw the attention of your audience. There are several approaches that will help you make a decision on the main idea perfectly:

  • Use your own experience
  • Use some provocative idea
  • Start with anecdote or some funny but short story

Many students prefer to start an essay with a question. However, it suits not all the types of essays. For example, for expository essay, this is a great decision, while it will not be the best one option for the persuasive one.

  • Developing the main body

Stick to the classic structure of the main body for an essay: three paragraphs each featuring one point. The first paragraph of the main body always is the strongest one. Add here examples and explanation, make sure you’ve made a basic conclusion at this point and make a clear transition to the next point. In the second paragraph, dwell upon the weakest point. Here you also need to use examples, arguments and add a conclusion and transition. The last paragraph should include the second strongest point.

  • Making a conclusion

Here, you need to summarize everything that you’ve told in your essay. Make sure that your conclusion sticks to the thesis of your paper.

  • Proofreading and editing (10 minutes)

You’re almost done with your essay! The last 10 minutes of your time spent on proofreading and editing. This is the same important as all other steps of working on paper. Many students get lower grades only because they ignore this point.

At this step, you can fix all grammar and punctuation mistakes. Besides, you will be able to make your essay stronger with replacing words with more appropriate ones, check the style of your writing, and delete all spammy words and clichés.

As you can see, it is rather possible to write an essay within an hour. You just need to put yourself together, turn off all distractions, and get focused on the work. By following our tips and recommendations, you will know how much time to spend on each step and what to pay your attention to. We hope that our guide will help you to write an A-grade essay quickly, meet the deadlines, and the requirements of your lecturer!

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