Different Types of Bling and Hair Accessories in Australia And How to Use Them

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To make your look more splendid and to give the ultimate touch to your outfit you can add a bright hair accessory. Perfect hair makes your look complete so choose accessories which compliments your hair best.  Here are varieties of accessories you can choose for different occasions.

Head bands:

You can put bling headbands with maxis and while going for some formal occasion. Flower head bands go well with mono color outfits and fresh looks. To complete your boho look, head bands are a good add-on. These are easy to fix and fashionable.

Snap clip:

These are available in so many different colors and sizes. If you want to give your hair a secure hold for a casual occasion, snap clips are the best choice for kids as well as adults.

Stretch comb:               

This hair accessory is back in fashion from 1990’s. Want a focus on your gorgeous face? Use a stretch comb it will also give your hair perfect sophisticated look. No matter whether your hairs are long or short, curly or straight it will keep your hairs away from your face.


Sizes range from full Queen Elizabeth crown to a little ornate. You can get tiaras in gold and silver. After your hairstyling is done you can place it on the top. It completes your look while going to a formal occasions, like proms and weddings.


By rolling and twisting you can secure your hairs with sticks instead of outing pins or clips. These are suitable for up dos. Hair stick comes in different sizes and lengths with decorative ends with stones, dangling objects and bling where as some are plain. It gives the real stylish look to your buns.       


Use barrette for gathering and clipping your hairs. For example for a half up style or ponytail. You can select a size of barrette according to the weight of your hair.  To get a sassier look you can pull a little hair from your clip or if you don’t like your hair touching your face you can grab your bangs and clip it in a barrette.

Banana clips:

Bananas clips are like jaw styles in different sizes and style. If you are French twist fan banana clip is the finest choice.  These go well with medium hair length to long hair length. Banana clips are used to get perfect pony tail. You can rock the pony tail in casual occasions as well as formal occasions with bling accessories.


This is one of the vital accessories of women. From plain to fancy, you can have variety of ranges. Pins help to secure your buns and other formal hair styles. Updos gives classy looks and you can get classy look by putting some pins on your bun.

Jaw clips:

To keep the long hairs up jaw clips are best select. You can twist and lift your hairs and secure it with jaw clips. Best fits at casual occasions, when you are going on a shopping trip, lazy day in PJ’s at home or at office.

There are several online and local stores in Australia where you can get bling & hair accessories. All you need to do is go online and search for a vendor delivering in your area and place your order. The required accessories will be delivered to your doorstep.

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