Colorful Lips

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What is Lipstick?

You all know what Lipstick means. its a Stick or a Liquid which comes in Various colors and with differently shaped packages that women use to color their Lips. Women wear lipstick colors that matches their outfit. Not only for clothes but there are new Trends that come for Lip wear.


Whether it is Glossy Lips, Matte Lips or whatever, time to time the trend for Lip styles change. In the olden days women wore dark colors like dark red, dark brown, bright orange or even lighter nude Satin lipstick. Later came Glossy wet lips.The Newest trend these days is Matte Lipstick. The Glossy Lip trend has become out of fashion and the New Dry looking Matte lip style has come to the fashion world. The best color in Matte lipstick is "Hot Red Color" or the most Favorited color among hot young girls 😉 . Ladies wear Hot red color for different occasions like Parties, Weddings and also even for the office (In Western Countries) as well.

Women have a big Problem when it comes to selecting a dress for a Party or whatever occasion. If it is a Party, "Hot Red" Lips goes well with a Beautiful Black or Dark Blue dress for any shaped lady with light skin colors. And for darker skin ladies, Light colored dress with a lighter shade or mid light shades for lips.

Colorful lips with a beautiful smile perfectly highlights a lady's beauty without even wearing Jewelry. It says that the biggest Jewelry a women can wear is her beautiful smile :-D.

 Lipstick Brands I love

There are many Popular Brands for Lipstick in the Market. Loreal paris, Maybeline, Revlon, MAC, NYX, Lakme and many other brands.

But Among them My Favorite Brands are Loreal paris , Kylie Lipstick and Jeffree star Lipstick Brands.

Kylie is a Famous brand in America and in many Countries. Because the founder or the owner of this brand is Kylie Jenner. she is a Famous Celebrity in USA. She is famous for Nude, light brown Lip Matte Colours because her signature look is also inspired with those colours. Not only Liquid Lipstick but her line includes eye shadow palettes and eye liners as well. Her Lipstick Brand's Logo showing Liquid Lipstick Pouring on a Lip has made the entire world fall in love with her products. And the lips shown in her brand (the Logo) is her own exact lips.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree star is a USA Brand. The co-founder of the brand is Jeffree star himself. Actually it is not Popular in sri lanka. I discovered him through Youtube. Everyone talks about and obsessed with world famous Brands like Christian Loubouton, Gucci, Loreal and many other products. But very few people know about this brand.

He found this product on the year 2015. Now this brand is having a huge success in USA and many other countries.Within 2 years it has come a long Journey.  But still it is on its way to Compete with the Biggest Cosmetic Brands.

There are many colors that jeffree star owns in the Liquid Lipstick Category. And the packaging is very  Cute and Attractive.The Hot pink is the theme Colour of the Packaging. For Holiday Seasons they Introduce different Shades in different color packaging.

These are some Holiday Collection shades which Jeffree star has Introduced.

Jeffree Star and Manny Mua Winter Collection 2017.

Some of the Lip Swatches of Jeffree Star Cosmetics


Jeffree Star Products are Paraben Free and Cruelty Free. They do not use Animals for Testing. Lot of Lip Artists Prefer Jeffree star because they have Brighter range of Colours.

Jazmina Daniel is a famous Talented Lip Artist. She creates Different Arts on her Lips using Lip wear. The model whose lips were used for the advertising or to portrait the Jeffree star  lip colours, is Jazmina.


It is amazing that Artistic people can create art on a Tiny Space like Lips.

One of the best gifts that a women can have is Pink and Soft Lips. With that , even  without lipwear women can show their Prettiness.  So make sure whatever Brand or Colour you use, protect your lips from being rough and dark.

We should also be careful when selecting the Correct brand which are not harmful for our health. Not only Lipwear but any other brand that we use on Skin.

That's the End of the Article and I hope you enjoyed my Article. Thank you 🙂



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