Why Most College Students Hate Writing College Papers?

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Students often claim they hate writing. It’s peculiar, but some teachers tend to believe in their excuses and even support the idea that there is no need in essays at all. In this article, we are going to summarize what you might think about writing as a student and how you can deal with your negative feeling about academic writing.

What You Think: I’m not interested in the topic

One of the most widespread thoughts popping up while writing a paper. The discussion about whether students should study the information they might not need in their future is enormous. But how on Earth are you going to find out what you really need? Don’t forget that except the process of writing itself, writing college paper includes research, which can be really beneficial for your knowledge.

What You Should Do:

Think of writing as an experience. It can be both hard or easy. And some of your mates don’t have such difficulties with writing papers as you do (personally for those who like feeling sorry for themselves!). Writing on any topic can actually teach you something.

What You Think: Literature is my weak point

Yes, you like other subjects. Or hanging out. Or anything else, but literature is definitely not what you are interested in. We are not going to preach that literature is crucial for creating an impression of a well-educated person (sorry, just did!). But! Writing papers is not about literature!

What You Should Do:

Take college papers as a form of an exercise. They are great tools to formalizing your thoughts into something valuable. Is this not important for your future? And please, when you hear another incredibly wealthy entrepreneur saying that he/she doesn’t read at all, remember that:

  • people are different; and if he/she doesn’t need it, you might;
  • or this might be a form of bragging, like when one, spending hours in the gym, says timidly “I’m fit by nature?”

What You Think: I’m afraid of low grades

Actually, this point is more demotivating than many people can imagine. It is really serious. You can fear low grades because:

  • your teacher may have a different opinion (those who are not fair can be too strict to you, ‘cause the ideas in your paper are different from theirs);
  • you are afraid to disappoint your family (especially, if your parents are perfectionists);
  • you are a perfectionist yourself.

What You Should Do:

Tell yourself that you don’t have time for this. Perfectionism, procrastination caused by the fear of a bad result, feeling sorry that you’ve not matched up to someone’s expectations – all these things waste your time, make you unhappy, and create obstacles for your development as a student and a person. It is always better to complete something than not to complete anything at all.

Finally, there might be deeper reasons behind students’ hatred for writing college papers. Among them are the lack of concentration, the lack of motivation, and bad writing habits. If you deal with them, you’ll have no trouble writing – either in college or in your future life.

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Sophia Clark

Sophia Clark is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day.

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