Cherish the Charm of Chaubatia Gardens

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Ranikhet is a beautiful cantonment town which houses the splendid Kumaon Regiment and the Naga Regiment. It is maintained by the Indian Army. This place is situated at a height of 1869 meters above the level of sea in Uttarakhand. This name Ranikhet factually means Queen’s meadow and it has been believed to be the residence of Queen Padmini.

Most of the tourist places in Uttarakhand belong to this gorgeous hill station Ranikhet. There is variety of spots for tourists and not just the traveling buffs but nature lovers too visit the place from different corners of the world. The place is packed with outstanding sites, amazing spots and refreshing destinations and here we are going to talk about a very popular spot Chaubatia Gardens.

These are situated around ten kilometres from central place of Ranikhet. Chaubatia Gardens is a spot that welcomes the visitors with open arms and treats them with an overgrowth of scrumptious apple, plums, peach and apricot trees. These splendid gardens are situated at a height of around 1800m above sea level.

It has been believed that Chau means four and Bhatia means path and thus the name of these gardens is Chaubatia Gardens. It is because these gardens are situated at the joint point of four cities which are Ranikhet, Bhargaon, Pilkoli and Dehrti.

During eighteenth sixty-eight, Lord Mayo, who was British Viceroy then got so much fascinatedby the charm and beauty of this place that he wished the British cantonment to get set up here. It was the specificreason that the Chaubatia cantonment was established here. Government Fruit Research Centre manages the growth of all the fruit trees at this place. These trees preserve a deep place in the hearts of tourists.

The natural gorgeousness, tranquil ambience and contamination free mountain air which prevail here make these Chaubatia Gardens one of the most perfect picnic spots in the entire nation. The charm of the fruit trees and orchards are intensified by the exclusive step-farming technique followed.

The entire place caters a panoramic view of the neighbouring Himalayan places and cities. The towering peaks of Nanda Devi, Neelkanth, Trishul and Nandaghunti are apparently visible from the gardens. Chaubatiagardens are scattered over an area of six hundred acres. Indeed, these claim a beautiful collection of flora and fauna which includes pine trees, cedar trees, Cyprus trees, rhododendron trees and oak trees. All the fruits available at this place possess amazing quality and icing on the cake is that the costs at which they are available are regulated by government. It means they are quite cheaper than you expect.

Thus, the Chaubatia gardens are going to give you a time of your lifetime. The entire place has something to cater. So, just check out the best hotel in ranikhet for your stay and explore the exclusiveness and richness of this place. Of course, if you have a flair for photography then you must not miss to carry your camera with you. The engaging and enthralling sites are going to leave your jaws dropped.

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