How Airports Look in 2040

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With the rapid changes in technology, there will be a boom in travel industry over the next couple of decades. As technology continues to improve, travel will no longer be a luxury and it will become norm for holidaymakers.

It is expected to have massive increase in tourism industry in coming years irrespective of the age, gender or the purpose of travelers. Hence, all countries should focus on to use latest techniques at their airports to avoid endless queues and unpleasant experience of travelers.

Researchers have been designed how airports looks in next two decades and revealed they are not pie-in-the-sky since they include technology that is already being trialed and developed.

Therefore, future airports will feature with bio-metric tickets, virtual assistants and fast molecular security scanners.

The researchers found that check-in is the major cause for the long queues at an airport. This will also lead to frustration of travelers since they have to wait for hours in the queues. By 2040, this will not be an issue due to the automated ticketing system. According to Airport Parking operator and retailer Airport Parking and Hotels (APH), through the online check-ins passengers will be given a bio-metric token that can be used as their passport, boarding pass and ID for the journey. This will very much helpful to keep less documents and it will prevent from the hassle of losing boarding ticket as well.

Each traveler will scan for bio-metric identifiers such as iris patterns in order to issue this bio-metric token. Especially this will be a faster alternative for manual passport checking process in the busy airports like Heathrow and Schiphol.

Another bottleneck in the airport is, need to open every bag and travelers should go through a metal detectors in order to fulfill the security purpose. But technological advancements will remove this bottleneck via laser molecular body scanners that can be used to screen for banned materials and liquids that are hidden in the luggage.

Moreover, it is noted that there is an endless wait at the baggage carousel after arriving to a particular destination. This hindrance will also not be there in the future since each passenger will be received a smartphone notification when they are ready to collect.


Instead, they can spend their time on browsing the touchscreen shopping walls at the airport or get travel information from virtual assistants while being able to talk fluently in various languages.

In a few years’ time, these technological advancements will enable airports to create a pleasant and friendly environment than now.

Currently many airports seem like shopping malls and developers are going to take further steps in order to ensure the availability of everything from beginning to end. Such as design of the airport, food and beverage offerings, atmosphere of the terminals and activities that can be offered at the airport.

Through all of these techniques, researchers are expecting to provide memorable airport experience to each and every traveler and add value to a country as a whole.


Source: Mail Online

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