9 E-Commerce Websites that Makes Our Lives Easier

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Internet has been a very helpful tool for all of us whenever we need something. From shopping to looking for new job or even getting instant cash, the web provides answers. The web helps us to narrow our search and gives us plenty of options that can be really useful with our needs. Imagine our lives today if we do not have the internet.

Websites that provide different products and services based on our needs help us to choose on getting the best for us for our lifestyle. So, what are some of the things that web offers to us in our everyday lives? Find out below:

Online Shopping


Fab closely bears a resemblance to a deal-oriented website Target but the site is dedicated for social shopping. This social shopping site aims to offer various products that can be seen in department store as well and a lot of them are available in discount prices and sales. Discounted products and on sale are being organized by in a department store manner, which includes new arrivals, gifts for someone, good deals, and clearance sections.


This website is considered as one-stop online shopping portal, Myntra provides almost everything that pertains to lifestyle and fashion products. They offer multiple selections of branded products via its online shopping portal. Myntra owners are reasonable enough to make online consumers conscious about brand value of various products of daily needs.


Shoptiques is an innovative online vendor that allows the customers to do their shopping spree on over 200 boutiques for one fixed shipping rate. This online shopping site organizes its boutiques by neighborhood, meaning the products are according to the localities. Its products are being shipped to different places around the world, including the U.S, Australia, Canada and France.


Investment and Cash

Snap by Groupon

Snap by Groupon gives away some rebates on groceries on a weekly basis. The question is how users can earn from using it? Users only need to snap a picture of the receipt of the items they have bought. When they have earned US$20 on their account, they can get it via cash. They can also receive a dollar by referring a friend. This app is available on both Android and iOS.

Market Lend

Do you need something to invest with using the money and eventually grow it? Market Lend is the website you should look for. They have the best customer service for clients. The company enabled any business to take the next step.


If you take a lot of good photos, you can sell them on royalty-free photo website such as iStockPhoto. The photos will be used commercially on various websites. You can earn as much as $500 to $1,000 monthly given as long as you provide the best photos you have taken.




TripAdvisor is a travelling website that offers review of travel-related content such as popular tourist spot, hotels, flights and restaurants. The site has interactive travel forums where users can post and participate on various travel topics. TripAdvisor claims to be the world’s biggest and popular travel site with over 200 million unbiased traveller reviews.


This website is an online place that allows people to list, find, and then rent vacation houses/apartments for a certain processing fee. Currently, Airbnb has more than 1.5 million listings in 34,000 cities from 191 countries. Travelers can rent unique accommodations from local hosts form the 191 countries. In this way, they will feel at home anywhere they go. In addition, finding accommodations in Airbnb is way cheaper than booking a hotel room unit.


Kayak is also a travelling website. It aggregates various travel stuff and considered as a travel search engine that is owned by The Priceline Group. The website offers products which are available in 18 languages. Users can score good deals on flights, hotel rooms, and even car rental service. Users would be able to know the pricing trends on various travel stuff like hotel prices. Kayak users can also use its travel alerts to receive email when there is a good deal on their favorite destination.

Remember that the internet is a global system of interconnected networks that link billion of devices worldwide. In short, all the information and service we need are just one click away. Internet and various websites make our lives easier than we could imagine. Let us use this magical internet to help ourselves and other people too to be better.

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