5 Best Online Tools Available For Education

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Education has changed a lot. The medium or platforms of getting knowledge or interacting with students or teachers, as well. There was the time when a hard copy of a book was the only source to read a book. Now, the smartphones, tablets and online websites have changed the entire scenario of online tools.

Online tools and online education have changed the learning ways for both students and teachers. Professors who use to stand in front of a class, filled with few hundreds or dozens of the students, and repeat every lecture in front of every class. Now stand in front of a webcam, and thousands of students are engaging with him. Even the recording of videos and lectures has changed the landscape. Professors now want the students to watch some recommended videos before attending the next lecture.

Technology has changed the entire process of education, even the formal education’s roots are shaking. In this topic, we are going to shed light on the tools which can enhance a student or a teacher experience regarding online tools available for education.

5 Online Tools Available for Education

There are dozens of tools, which can be used and access by the students to better use the technology to enhance their knowledge.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great platform and should be used properly to get all the benefits of this online tool.

No need now to create a document and save it. Google Docs record all the real-time changes in a document, and even an entire class can contribute to an assignment. All students will be able to edit, add or download any part of the assignment.

Google docs links to a Gmail account, one student can share his/her document to the other and both of them can work on that file.

Newly added features of Google docs have already added the flavor, now one can add text by just reading the text. The tool will convert all of your spoken words into text in real-time.

One can comment on a file or document, and tag others to get attention or invite them to contribute to that document. You can add someone by just adding the Email address to your Google Docs.

Google sheets

Google sheets also a great tool to use. If you have been in a profession where numbers and listing matters a lot, then it becomes most necessary to learn to use Google Sheets.

Clean and user-friendly interface to collaborate with others and engage with other Google products, has made this Google product lot easier and useful.

Creating of Sheets, sharing the sheets, managing large sized data with hierarchy, and integrates with friends; all cannot be done other than Google sheets.

You are working on a sheet, and find something which you want to show to some friends. Just add the + sign and email address, there will be an email to that friend, that this person wants your attention at Google sheets.

Conditional formatting is the greatest add by the Google sheets. Adding different colors to show the complexity of a situation is great. Not mentioning the Google filters, heat maps, Integration with Google forms in the list of best features of Google sheets would not be a good idea.

Google forms

Either a teacher wants a quiz from his student or wants to organize data, or want to know the opinion of the students on a topic. Google forms are the great online tool available.

Google forms can help you distribute the information to your contacts. Gather all the input the contributor has given on a topic.

Online feedback has become a lot easier with the Google forms; even a kid can give a feedback on a topic.

If you have a digital classroom, it will become easier to get the feedback to the students about the previous class.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker tools can search through the multitude of the database, and search the online indexed pages. They can detect instantly either the data is copied from an online website or not.

If you are a teacher and your students know about using online plagiarism checker tool. They became less likely to copy the data from online websites. They will try to put their efforts to create an assignment.

Plagiarism checker tools can also work if you are a journalist. In journalism, the copies and plagiarized content have zero tolerance. By checking the content using plagiarism checker, you would come to know about the uniqueness of content.

Online presentation creators’ tools

There are dozens of online free tools which can help in creating wonderful presentations. I think this is the best online platform which creates huge amount online presentations. The slides can be distributed to others colleagues or class fellows.

Great designs and ideas with great graphics and images can stand out and impress the readers effectively.

I think this would be the best method, use short words. Take advantages of the digital medium and other online portals to add graphics to the presentations. So convey what you really want to say in less time.

Online presentation creators can help to organize all the data, especially for students. They can Pen down all the important topics in slides, and near to the exams. Just go through all those slides to get the full grip of that topic or subject.

Final Words

As you know online education is becoming more and more important. One can even learn from an Oxford professor via the internet. You can also get enroll in an online course by just logging in using your Email.

So, world’s leading companies are working hard to build the new tools to cater the needs of the students and teachers.

I am not saying these are the only tools one can use for online education, there are dozens maybe hundreds which are being used by the students and teachers.

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